Wildcamping in the Woods March 2014

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This is a quick post about a recent weekend away wild camping in the woods at my favourite getaway. I know the land owner, so had 18acres of woodland to myself.
The latest #RedMatter blog challenge, was to create a ‘photostory’- so here we go with my 3 day adventure.. hope you enjoy..
camp set uptarp2 I found a nice safe clearing deep within the woodland, set up camp and then it was time to get the fire sorted for the night.
getting the fire going..
Unfortunately within half an hour of getting the fire going, the temperature started to drop rapidly, and there followed rain, wind, hail and even thunder and lightening overhead (so to avoid potential risks, I switched off my phone and threw it to the opposite side of the shelter, – so no pics for a while).
The weather was so intense, that I had to drop the front section of my tarp as the wind and rain was now coming from all directions. So I settled down as comfortably as possible for the night, cooked some tea and read my book.
view in the morning.. View in the morning..the tarp had taken a beating…
Wet morning
I had a pretty rough night’s sleep with the heavy rain and hail, so wasn’t bothered with any hassle for breakfast – luckily I had this bad boy with me.. ‘US MRE Menu 4 Maple Sausage’ breakfast menu pack, which is a nice and easy food system to prepare.
MRE breakfast
So after breakfast and with all these woods to play around in, I thought I would take a walk and explore further. There are acres of mixed ancient woodland with a fast flowing river running by, banked on either side by steep valley sides.
I then needed to gather firewood for the coming nights, and using my folding saw and axe, I was able to grab some nice fallen logs and branches … but I did need a brew after all that hard work..
So after the well earned brew, I still needed to do alot of further chopping and processing of the firewood to prepare for the evening.
I got a nice fire going once light was fading, and thankfully I had a reasonably dry night apart from the occasional shower.

So the rest of the weekend was spent pretty much repeating the same as the above… walking, reading, cooking, preparing firewood, camp admin, but generally relaxing.

Few pics below of additional moments;

(‘Source’ hydration bladder provides great water storage)
(‘Look what we found’ – great meatballs and rice meal cooked in an East German Army Messkit)
(Charging up my PowerMonkey)

I had an amazing and most relaxing time, and am looking forward to visiting the area again soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to get away from it all..give me a shout for the location 😉
thanks again

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