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Solo Wild Camping July 2012

Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Outdoors, Uncategorized | No Comments

After a mad month with work and in the middle of a stressful house sale, I managed to book a week off to go wild camping with my trusty tarp to one of my favourite places in South Wales .

The good thing about this area, is that has a small family campsite next to many acres of fantastic woodland. So technically, I would stress that this is more like ‘semi-wild camping’, as if needed there are some basic facilities a short walk out of the woods which would be great for emergencies. However, once you are tucked away within the woodland area, you might as well be in the middle of nowhere.

So with a short train ride from Cardiff, a bus and then a brief walk, I arrived fully laden at my destination. After a quick explore of the woods, there were loads of great places for the week’s stay, so I selected my ground halfway into the woods and just above the river.

I had an excellent week and the weather was perfect being hot and sunny throughout. It was lovely and quiet so I read my book, tended the fire, sorted wood, honed some skills and generally pottered about. My brother and his family also paid me a visit in the mid week for some dinner, which was great for my young nephew to see some simple camping methods.

My quick video of some of the week is below, hope you enjoy;

It was one of the best and most relaxing weeks away in a long time…And I even had enough 3g to complete on the house sale via phone and email!

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