KarrimorSF Predator30 Rucksack Review

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KarrimorSF Predator30

KarrimorSF Predator30

I had been  looking to replace my EDC (every day carry) rucksack for the past year or so, as my old and trusted Karrimor Spike25L was pretty much worn out after 14 years of almost everyday use.
Though it had served me well, the lining was inevitably gone, a zip was on its way out, and the pack often smelt of wet dog after a hard soaking from the rain…

In addition, it wasn’t quite big enough for day/weekend use in more unpredictable and challenging outdoor environments, and so over the years I have used a variety of 35-60L ‘day packs’ for outdoor activities, though unfortunately none have really worked in a ‘day’ to day’ city environment.

So I began looking around for a good pack which could provide a dual effectiveness between my everyday city carry and perhaps also offer a solution when in the outdoors. I ended up at KarrimorSF, who had recently produced the Predator30 , which is a cross between their Sabre rucksack type configuration, and the Predator molle additions for a hardwearing and comfortable load carrying solution.



The KarrimorSF Predator30 is made from 1000 denier polyester tear and abrasion resistant fabric, with a durable fluorocarbondurable water repellent finish and the usual rot proof thread; making for a pretty tough pack. It’s 30 litre capacity is made up from a simple main sack secured by a top drawstring, and a large lid pocket accessed via a strong YKK zip on the rear and strong front straps.  It also has side tension/securing straps and side base lip type pouches for securing the ends of tools or even waterbottles.

This rucksack also has the added benefit as with other Predator models to have a fair amount of Molle attachments for securing pouches and kit, which adds much increased capability and carrying capacity.

The pack does however have the KarrimorSF Sabre’s mesh coated back & shoulder strap system, as opposed to the larger Predator back system, making it an incredibly comfortable and flexible rucksack. The Predator30 also contains previous nice touches within the Sabre model, such as the hydration bladder pouch along the inner back, and the associated hole in either side of the pack lid to accommodate the drinking tube. The waist and sternum straps are also well placed and offer good support adding to the overall comfort.  The Predator30 even seems to mold better to your body than the Sabre35L, perhaps due to the slimmer profile, heavier feeling material and the addition of the Molle straps to keep it rigid.


I have used this pack since Oct 2013 and it has taken me over 4 months to actually write about it, primarily because I use it every day and perhaps take it for granted.  However, it does still continually surprises me with it’s versatility, in both day to day use and also weekend/outdoor trips away. It is perfect for packing all the equipment and gear for a tough day on the hills, with emergency equipment/clothing/shelter in reserve, or for even discreetly supporting your laptop/paperwork etc for that long distance meeting.

KarrimorSF Predator30

I  truly recommend the KarrimorSF Predator30 if you are looking for a hardwearing, neutral looking, workhorse of an ‘every day carry rucksack’. It should last you many years, and provide the ultimate in comfort and capability for anything up to a 30L load and beyond.

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KarrimorSF Predator30

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