How To Take Care of Your Axe

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This is a short tutorial explaining the basics of how to take care of your Axe.


Your Axe is one of your most important and versatile tools, and as such should be well looked after. With a simple bit of basic maintenance, your Axe will remain in a good safe condition and will hopefully last you a lifetime.

Step 1 – Clean

Clean the Axe head thoroughly with oil to remove any dirt, rust or resin. Most non-acidic oil is suitable for this, though you could use household oil, or gun oil for example.
#Safety tip – always wipe downwards following the Axe head towards and away from the blade edge – not against the blade edge to avoid injury.

Step 2 – Sharpen blade

This will keep the blade sharp and remove any nicks or scratches.
(Separate post needed on this subject!)
sharpening stones

Step 3 – Oil Axe Head

Cover the metal work of the Axe head in a nice coating of lubricating oil. This will provide a barrier against corrosion and protect the Axe for the future.

Step 4 – Care for wooden handle

Apply a small amount of Linseed oil to a paper towel and give the handle a light coating. This will protect the wood from damp and dirt and keep it in good condition.
#Safety tip – Soak the cloth you have used for the Linseed oil in water before disposal, or even better burn – as otherwise it could spontaneously combust in your trash.
Linseed Oil

Step 5 – Clean and polish sheath

The sheath is a very important accessory for your Axe as it keeps the blade secure within your kit, whilst also keeping you safe from accidental injury, and so should also be well looked after.
Give the sheath a simple clean/polish and this will keep the leather supple and in good condition.
#Safety tip – Check the sheath edges and rivets for any sign of wear and tear.

If you look after your Axe, then it will look after you.
Thanks for reading.

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