5 things I don’t leave the house without

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This is a quick post to talk about the top 5 things that I never ever leave the house without..
Whether simply going to the shop, to work or further afield, these 5 items are always with me.

1. Multi Tool

Gerber BG Compact
Nice compact small multi tool contains a knife, saw blade, screw drivers, tweezers and pliers.
Useful for everyday minor maintenance tasks and also great for emergencies.
multi tool

2. Torch

LED Lenser P5
I have been in far too many powercuts, and hate faffing around in the dark, so always have this close to hand.
Great little and relatively powerful torch, uses only one double AA battery so nice and lightweight.
LSD Lenser P5

3. Watch

Cheap watch, but does the job and tells the time. I hate being late for anything, and also added bonus that using the sun and your watch you can roughly work out directions.

4. Lighter

Clipper lighter
Ok I don’t smoke anymore, but is an easy thing to carry and I can always make fire if needed whether for signalling, warmth or just burning things…

5. Lip balm / Chap stick

Original Lip balm with SPF 15 sun protection
This is vital for me, as there is nothing worse than chapped lips and is great protection against wind/UVA etc.
Plus Lip balm actually has some other surprising uses such as for treating wounds, or used as a candle etc.. check this video on 5 Clever Uses For Chapstick for some interesting inspiration…
lip balm

So anyway, thanks for reading – would love to hear about your 5 every day carry items.

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